History of Java (programming language)

In late 1970’s brilliant minded Joy thought of designing a programming language combined the best features of MESA and C. While rewriting the UNIX operating system he felt C++ was lacking the quality  required for him to do his task. A too was needed for writing effective codes. This flame and desire led to the development of a new programming language that is revolutionizing the software.

How java was named?

“It’s surprisingly difficult to find a good name for a programming language, as the team discovered after many hours of brainstorming. Finally, inspiration struck one day during a trip to the local coffee shop” Gosling recalls. Others have speculated that the name Java came from several individuals involved in the project: James gosling, Arthur Van hoff, Andy bechtolsheim.

And that my son is how JAVA was named:)

Java was used first for operating  a set-top box operating system and support the video-on-demand technology. But still its owners where searching place for java in desktop market.


Java and the World Wide Web

HotJava, a java based web browser was a stable, secured and reliable. With this  java found a way to explore the new emerging World Wide Web. Netscape the hottest web browser of that era announced they will support java in there their web browser.


Java Versions 

  1. Initial Release (versions 1.0 and 1.1)

  2. Java 2 (version 1.2)

  3. Kestrel (Java 1.3)

  4. Merlin (Java 1.4)

  5. Tiger (version 1.5.0; Java SE 5)

  6. Mustang (version 1.6.0; Java SE 6)

  7. Dolphin (version 1.7.0; Java SE 7)

  8. Spider (version 1.8.0; Java SE 8)